Sunday, January 13, 2019


This started out as a Facebook post but was way too long.  Then I remembered.....I have a blog!  Sure, I haven't posted on it in years but hey let's do this!  Does anyone still blog?  Hello?

I've made a change!!  6 months ago, feeling a bit lost, uninspired and confused about my future direction I decided to make a change. I've always felt like I was the square peg trying to fit into the round hole at was a struggle. And I was so unhappy. So I did something pretty unusual for me. I just up and quit. No back up plan. No future plan. Nothing. Just a sense that I could find something that felt more like play than work. Something that I would be excited to do every day. Something challenging and ultimately rewarding. Something that would allow me to be true to myself. I let go and trusted that God would lead me to my next work/life adventure. And you know what???? She has!!
Rolling out the hammie

It was truly a leap of faith and something that I had to do. I felt like I was slowly dying and my true self was being buried. It was strange for the first month. As I looked for work in the same industry, I was continually rejected. I didn't get calls back. And the work I was offered were things I had done 20 - 25 years ago. Taking 20 steps back in order to maybe get ahead in a couple of years??? At age 49 (now 50) that seemed awful and I couldn't imagine finding fulfillment and happiness with that.

Indian Summer Run on Highline

It wasn't until I saw an announcement at my gym that they were offering a class to become a Certified Personal Trainer. And then I knew. That was it. That was what I wanted to do. A completely different career yet somewhat the same in that I never stopped coaching triathletes while I had an office job. I took another leap and signed up. It was a 10 week course with classroom time and lots and lots of hours on the gym floor learning how to train people to reach their goals. 3 nights a week and Saturday afternoons. I loved it all! My classmates were fantastic, I made new friends, and the teacher - Vic - was amazing. He's a Master Trainer (Big Deal) and I feel so blessed that I found this class with him leading it.
Me and my classmates

Of course, that didn't answer the question of how will I make a living. But I knew I was on the right track. And as I learned more, the possibilities of how to use this knowledge just grew. As an athlete, a triathlete, I've seen so many people that I love and admire get injured and then injured again. No one seems to get through a season healthy - we all just hope to hit that starting line and finish our races without falling apart. It's that horrible cumulative injury cycle so many of us have been on. As a coach, my main objective has always been to get my athletes to that starting line as healthy as possible. I have always believed it's better to be a bit undertrained and healthy rather than overtrained, burned out and injured.

Ugly Sweater Day for the Personal Trainers
Now I have more tools to do that. To help endurance athletes stay healthy and strong, be as fit as possible and of faster!! I passed my certification in November and then the best possible outcome came in December. My gym, Greenwood Athletic Club, offered to take me on as a personal trainer!!!! Crazy and exciting times folks!!!

I think the smile says it all....I love this!
My journey as a personal trainer is just beginning. And I am so happy that I made that decision 7 months ago to make a change. So far, I've been helping people get on a positive health path - with losing weight and gaining lean muscle mass. I'm hoping to work with a couple of former athletes in the next week to lead them back to a healthy lifestyle. I'm working with the Club to possibly start a triathlon team, offering private coaching, as well as starting a strength, mobility and endurance class. The possibilities are endless and awesome!!

Wait....what do I do now?
And Greenwood Athletic Club.....what can I say. Their moto is "The Best Part of Your Day". It has been for me the last 6 years as a member. And now I "work" there helping people with their goals and it is still the Best Part of My Day - I love going to work. Building a business is not an easy task. But I'm up for the challenge and will give it my all - for me and my clients:)