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亚博网站怎么找  Read it, insisted the king testily. It may be from Rischenheim. Perhaps he can get here sooner. I should like to know about those dogs. Read it, I beg.

  The telephone directory lay on the table beside me, and I turnedover the pages in a rather hopeless quest. But to my amazement therewas this strange name in its due place. I gave a cry of triumph.Here you are, Holmes! Here it is!

  Jealousy and revenge lent all their fury to Morano, while the superior skill and the temperance of Montoni enabled him to wound his adversary, whom his servants now attempted to seize, but he would not be restrained, and, regardless of his wound, continued to fight. He seemed to be insensible both of pain and loss of blood, and alive only to the energy of his passions. Montoni, on the contrary, persevered in the combat, with a fierce, yet wary, valour; he received the point of Moranos sword on his arm, but, almost in the same instant, severely wounded and disarmed him. The Count then fell back into the arms of his servant, while Montoni held his sword over him, and bade him ask his life. Morano, sinking under the anguish of his wound, had scarcely replied by a gesture, and by a few words, feebly articulated, that he would not--when he fainted; and Montoni was then going to have plunged the sword into his breast, as he lay senseless, but his arm was arrested by Cavigni. To the interruption he yielded without much difficulty, but his complexion changed almost to blackness, as he looked upon his fallen adversary, and ordered, that he should be carried instantly from the castle.  Emily could scarcely forbear smiling at the heterogeneous distresses of Annette, though she sincerely pitied them, and said what she could to sooth her. At length, she obtained something like a direction to the east turret, and quitted the door, from whence, after many intricacies and perplexities, she reached the steep and winding stairs of the turret, at the foot of which she stopped to rest, and to re-animate her courage with a sense of her duty. As she surveyed this dismal place, she perceived a door on the opposite side of the stair-case, and, anxious to know whether it would lead her to Madame Montoni, she tried to undraw the bolts, which fastened it. A fresher air came to her face, as she unclosed the door, which opened upon the east rampart, and the sudden current had nearly extinguished her light, which she now removed to a distance; and again, looking out upon the obscure terrace, she perceived only the faint outline of the walls and of some towers, while, above, heavy clouds, borne along the wind, seemed to mingle with the stars, and wrap the night in thicker darkness. As she gazed, now willing to defer the moment of certainty, from which she expected only confirmation of evil, a distant footstep reminded her, that she might be observed by the men on watch, and, hastily closing the door, she took her lamp, and passed up the stair-case. Trembling came upon her, as she ascended through the gloom. To her melancholy fancy this seemed to be a place of death, and the chilling silence, that reigned, confirmed its character. Her spirits faltered. Perhaps, said she, I am come hither only to learn a dreadful truth, or to witness some horrible spectacle; I feel that my senses would not survive such an addition of horror.

  Conceal my affliction,  Having passed some weeks at Udolpho, he was called abruptly to France, whither he returned with extreme reluctance, for his heart was still fascinated by the arts of Laurentini, with whom, however, he had on various pretences delayed his marriage; but, to reconcile her to this separation, he now gave repeated promises of returning to conclude the nuptials, as soon as the affair, which thus suddenly called him to France, should permit.

  It is unfortunately more than possible, it is certain. Neitheryou nor your son knew the true character of this man when you admittedhim into your family circle. He is one of the most dangerous men inEngland-a ruined gambler, an absolutely desperate villain, a manwithout heart or conscience. Your niece knew nothing of such men. Whenhe breathed his vows to her, as he had done to a hundred before her,she flattered herself that she alone had touched his heart. Thedevil knows best what he said, but at least she became his tool andwas in the habit of seeing him nearly every evening.  I RECEIVED the telegram sent to me by the Constable of Zenda at my own house in Strelsau about one oclock. It is needless to say that I made immediate preparations to obey his summons. My wife indeed protested--and I must admit with some show of reason--that I was unfit to endure further fatigues, and that my bed was the only proper place for me. I could not listen; and James, Mr. Rassendylls servant, being informed of the summons, was at my elbow with a card of the trains from Strelsau to Zenda, without waiting for any order from me. I had talked to this man in the course of our journey, and discovered that he had been in the service of Lord Topham, formerly British Ambassador to the Court of Ruritania. How far he was acquainted with the secrets of his present master, I did not know, but his familiarity with the city and the country made him of great use to me. We discovered, to our annoyance, that no train left till four oclock, and then only a slow one; the result was that we could not arrive at the castle till past six oclock. This hour was not absolutely too late, but I was of course eager to be on the scene of action as early as possible.

  I agreed. Since I was known to be often employed in the kings service, I could take a special train without exciting remark. James set out, and about a quarter of an hour later I got into my carriage to drive to the station. Just as the horses were about to start, however, the butler approached me.  I stooped in some confusion and began to pick up the fruit,understanding for some reason my companion desired me to take theblame upon myself. The others did the same and set the table on itslegs again.


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  1815.*-----RULES FOR MONARCHS.


  No, the constable remains at the lodge with the king, said I carelessly, though I was very far from careless. I have a message for her Majesty, Hermann. Find out from some of the women when she will receive me.


  Surely we for wine may languish!


  Except Mr. Sherlock Holmes, said my companion, with a somewhatbitter smile. Well, let us hear about it. What sort of a job didyou make of it?


  Your old school-fellow,